Tomato Lentil with Sage and Chile Powder

You know how when it’s 70 degrees in the spring it feels amazing but at the end of summer it gives you a chill? No? Just me? Okay, well that’s how I’ve been feeling. We’ve had slightly lower temperatures here for a couple days so naturally I’ve been craving warm meals. I dug out some of our “soup and stew” recipe cards. Yep, we are old fashioned with our handwritten cards but there’s just something special about actually writing out the recipes. Seeing the favorite recipes getting slightly worn over time brings back memories of making them. Here’s a favorite we wanted to share with you!

Tim is excellent at coming up with creative lentil recipes. Lentils are so filling and satisfying, plus they have great health benefits. What I love about this recipe is that it’s not your typical lentils-with-Indian-spices recipe. Don’t get me wrong, a bowl of dahl can hit the spot, but you’ve got to try this twist.

Warning: we like it hot! Please adjust spiciness according to your comfort level.

We use a blend of brown and red lentils for this recipe. Brown lentils tend to stay firm while red lentils soften and turn mushy. The combo of the two is a perfect texture.

First thing when dealing with lentils is to pick out any debris, especially rocks, that may have gotten mixed in. I personally have never found a pebble in my lentils but wouldn’t want to take the chance. Spread the lentils out on your counter or on a baking sheet and scan for any irregular shapes and colors that may not be a friendly lentil. Then, like we do with any dried beans, rinse using a colander.

Remember that broth we made last week? Well its time to use some! Lentils will take on the flavor of whatever they are cooked in so we always cook them in broth.

After we’ve let these babies simmer until the lentils are soft, we like to blend them. The immersion blender works well, but you can also do batches in your blender. This can be eaten completely pureed or you can leave some chunky texture, up to you!

Serve with crusty bread or just enjoy a bowl as is!

Tomato Lentil with Sage and Chile Powder

  • Servings: 8-10
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A deliciously savory lentil with a unique twist on flavor.


-(1 T.) Canola oil

-(1/2 t.) Butter

-(1 1/2 cup, or 1 large) Yellow onion, chopped

-(1 T.) Garlic, minced

-(4) Carrots, chopped

-(1) Red bell pepper or (4) sweet mini peppers, diced

-(2) Serrano peppers, diced

-(1 cup) Red lentils

-(1/2 cup) Brown lentils

-(8 cups) Homemade Veggie Broth

-(2 cans) Diced tomatoes

-(3 T.) Tomato paste

-(1 T.) Chili powder

-(1 1/2 t.) Sage powder

-(1 1/2 T.) Brown sugar

-(1/4 t.) Crushed red pepper flakes

salt and black pepper to taste


Heat a large pot over medium heat, add oil and butter. When butter is melted, add chopped onion and allow to soften, about 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant. Add carrots, peppers, and Serrano. Cook for 5-7 minutes until all veggies are soft. Add broth, bring to a simmer. Add tomato paste and diced tomatoes, spices, and brown sugar. Add picked over and rinsed lentils. Bring to a boil and then turn heat down and simmer. Cook until lentils are soft, about 30-45 minutes. Use an immersion blender or transfer soup to blender in small batches. Enjoy!

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  1. It looks great! And will definitely try this. Thanks!


    1. loveandumami says:

      You should! Let us know what you think 😀

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  2. Looks like Indian Dal. Will try it for sure. For Indian recipes do follow


    1. loveandumami says:

      Very similar in texture just with unique spices. Thanks for checking us out!


  3. Have a bag of lentils screaming to be used – now I have inspiration!


    1. loveandumami says:

      Nice! We love this flavor combo.

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  4. Wonderful combination of flavors! Yum!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. loveandumami says:

      Thanks! The flavor combo actually came from an old cookbook and was used in a spaghetti and meatball recipe if you can believe it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Laurie Graves says:

    My mouth is watering! Never thought of combining sage and chili powder.

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