Welcome to Love & Umami!

We created this blog to share our joy of creating food in the kitchen together.  Cooking has been and continues to be a creative outlet for both of us. We are big into bringing wholesome and nutritious meals to the table.  We don’t think that you have to sacrifice savory taste for healthy food and we’re always chasing that umami flavor.

So whether it is something light and fast, or hot and hearty, you better believe it will have love and umami!

So…who are we?

We live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and love exploring everything our state has to offer. We’re also raising two fun loving and energetic dogs.

Tim is a trail running enthusiast! He has an insatiable curiosity for new information and is currently pursuing a degree in physical therapy. He grew up in Kansas and although he has an adventurous palate, he is still a sucker for those down home, Midwestern comfort foods!

Mairead has an interest in women’s health, also dabbles in trail running, and is a blossoming gardener. Her passion for bringing friends together over a meal developed from a young age watching her dad construct and serve intricate, creative dishes.

Good, wholesome food is essential to our health and wellbeing. We strive to be aware of what it is we’re putting on our plates, and this blog is an effort to share some of our favorite recipes with you!